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More Sound. More Words. More Personal

Hearing many of the sounds you’ve been missing

Any hearing aid can improve your hearing. A special one aims to give you true-to-life sound. WIDEX DREAM™ does exactly that. If you’re an experienced hearing aid user, you’ll hear the difference straight away. Sounds will seem richer, and more detailed and well-rounded. You’ll start to take more pleasure in the world of sound around you. If DREAM is your first hearing aid, you can look forward to hearing many of the sounds you’ve been missing.

True-To-Life Sound

WIDEX DREAM™ allows more sound in than any other hearing aid. That means you’ll hear more details of the world around you, and in a way that’s as true to life as technology allows. Thanks to unique technology that preserves the human voice, WIDEX DREAM™ provides the most natural, true to life sound possible. So you can enjoy conversations once more, even in the noisiest of social situations.

More detailed sound

With DREAM, it's the details that count. You get a rich, well-rounded sound so you can experience the whole world around you. And, you can even enjoy louder sounds with comfort, such as the cheering of a crowd at a football game or the sudden sound changes when watching a movie.

Keep connected

DREAM can be easily combined with our DEX assistive listening devices, so you can enjoy watching echo-free television, listening to music or using your mobile phone - all wirelessly. You can also easily connect to FM streaming or landline telephones with crystal clear sound streaming directly to your hearing aids.

Clearer speech

Thanks to new technology that preserves the human voice, you can actively enjoy conversations. So from a crowded restaurant to a noisy concert, DREAM helps you follow the conversation.

Manage your tinnitus

DREAM features Personal Zen - a proven program that can help manage tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. It can be customized by your hearing care professional to suit your needs.

Hear high-frequency sounds

With DREAM, high-pitched sounds like bird songs or certain speech sounds, are automatically moved down to regions where you can hear them more clearly.

Excellent battery life

DREAM uses up to 20 percent less power with our new PowerSaver technology. That means the battery needs to be replaced less often.

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  • Personal Acclimatisation
  • Personal Audibility Extender
  • Personal Zen
  • TruSound Softener 
  • Feedback Cancelling
  • Noise Reduction
  • Speech Enhancer SII
  • Digital Pinna
  • RC-DEX
  • TV-DEX
  • Phone-DEX
  • M-DEX

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