Hearing Testimonials - Mt. Juliet, TN

Hearing Testimonials - Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN - 37122

    My husband heard about Elite Audiology and Hearing Care at Del Webb. What we like about the office is that Susan and Dr. Jennifer are a great team, and they are very customer- focused. My previous thoughts about hearing aids were based on friends and family complaining about excess noise and feedback. Before my husband got his hearing aids he routinely asked me to repeat myself and to speak louder. My husband raves about reduced tinnitus and his customized adjustments which cater to his lifestyle. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jennifer to friends and family.

    B. Bridges, 37122

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN - 37122

    What brought me to Elite Audiology and Hearing Care was that I needed relief from loud tinnitus in one ear. My dad wore hearing aids but they were large and fairly bulky. Before having my hearing aids my tinnitus was distracting while watching T.V. My hearing aids are amazing! The TSG [Tinnitus Sound Generator] solved the distraction of the tinnitus. I hear birds and insects while bicycling that I hadn’t heard before! Now I hear crickets in the field and the road sound of the bicycle and I can hear more of conversations at parties. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Jennifer to friends and relatives.

    R. Bridges, 37122

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN - 37121

    I would definitely recommend Elite Audiology & Hearing Care to others because of their excellent service, advice and promptness.

    B. Brammer, 37121

  • Hearing Testimonial - Hermitage, TN

    I recently was tested and fitted for my first set of hearing aids by Dr. McGlothlin. In summary, I could not be more pleased with her careful attention to every detail, and the whole experience. I am technically oriented, so I asked many questions, and she did a great job of patiently answering them and building my confidence and comfort level in something completely new to me. I highly recommend her as well as the service and products she provides.

    Galen Romine, Hermitage, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Lebanon, TN

    My poor hearing is the result of heredity, 34 years of aviation, and military service. I have bought hearing aids twice in the past and had nearly given up on finding a good result. I decided to try one more time, so I came to see Dr. McGlothlin at Elite Audiology. She did a complete hearing check, fitted me with the latest technology- not even available in mid-2010, and now I have an excellent result. All issues with comfort, cleaning, and operation of hearing aids are no longer a problem. I highly recommend Dr. McGlothlin because she knows the latest technology and takes the time to make sure you have an excellent result.

    A.J. McCall, Lebanon, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN

    Dad is definitely loving his hearing instruments. I went to the Titans game with him Saturday night and he forgot to take them out beforehand (I think he was afraid they’d be a bit overpowered by all the noise and so intended to remove them, but it slipped his mind) and I noticed a difference… Usually when I go to the games with dad I have to talk right in his ear for him to hear me, but that wasn’t the case this time. And he was able to hear some of the more interesting conversations around us. So thank you for what you do! And those things are really hard to see unless you’re looking for them!

    A.F., Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN

    Dr. Jennifer McGlothlin is someone I would definitely recommend. She was very adept at many things. She was very intelligent, detailed in her work and offered all the information a patient would need to know. Most of all I was impressed with her kindness and compassion. She truly seemed to care about helping her patients by wanting to provide a better quality of life for them. She did not make me feel like just another 'number'. Patience was another of her virtues. In this day & age of being rushed in & out of doctor's offices, I felt like she took the time with me that I needed and provided a good doctor/patient relationship. I believe she truly cares about her patients.

    Patient, Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Mt. Juliet, TN

    I would definitely recommend Dr. Jennifer McGlothlin to others. What I like best about Elite Audiology is their service. I am really enjoying my new hearing aids. They are so comfortable! The sound is more clear and natural. They work better on the phone than my old hearing aids. I hope to have them a long time.

    Sunshine Lay, Mt. Juliet, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Smithville, TN

    I would recommend Elite Audiology & Hearing Care to others. Everything was totally awesome. Dr. Jennifer McGlothlin went way ABOVE & BEYOND to help me get hearing aids through the 'Help America Hear' program. She has always taken the time to explain & answer all of my questions. I thank God every day that we found her.

    Janice Hicks, Smithville, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Lakeland, TN

    My father and I drove from Memphis to go to Elite Audiology. A huge clinic in Memphis quoted a price, but my dad thought they were too high and didn’t like the quality. We ended up getting the “Cadillac” of hearing aids from Dr. McGlothlin for a much lower price than what we would have paid in Memphis. Dr. McGlothlin took her time with my dad. My dad had a lot of questions, but we never felt rushed. The exam was great and she explained everything so we could understand. My dad has needed hearing aids for several years, however he hasn’t found an audiologist he was comfortable with until now. I can tell such a difference in his hearing. He used to always say “what” when we had a conversation and it doesn’t happen anymore. He seems more self-confident and social. Dr. McGlothlin went above and beyond what was expected. I would highly recommend her to anyone, but especially if you’re getting hearing aids for the first-time.

    Erica Lindsey, Lakeland, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Oakland, TN

    Dr. Jennifer McGlothlin is one of the most patient and caring professional individuals that I have ever been associated with. She has to be in order to help me with my hearing loss. I would recommend her to anyone that might need help.

    Gary Busby, Oakland, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Nashville, TN

    Dr. McGlothlin, I just wanted to thank you again for the Westone Otoblast Custom Fit Ear Plugs with acoustic filters for hunting. I am a competitive shooter in pistol, rifle, and shotgun action sports and having the custom fit ear plugs has made a big difference for me. The plugs are a much better alternative to big heavy ear muffs when you’re at an all-day outdoor competition in 90+deg heat. Recently, I wore them at a major multi-gun match and had no problems with every type of weapon there, including high powered rifles, fully automatic weapons, shotguns and pistols. The acoustic filters allowed me to hear all range commands, instructions, and casual conversations while simultaneously suppressing the blasts from the weapons to a completely comfortable level. The plugs are very comfortable, very durable, and very effective. I can’t imagine going back to ear muffs now.

    William (Bill) Smith, Nashville, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Goodlettsville, TN

    Dr. McGlothlin is a well-qualified professional who is knowledgeable regarding all aspects of evaluating hearing and fitting amplification for a variety of hearing losses. She is a dependable individual who has integrity and the highest ethical standards.

    Luwana Ralph, Goodlettsville, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Old Hickory, TN

    Dr. McGlothlin, enjoyed meeting you. Thanks for your professionalism & your doctor-patient manner.

    William M., Old Hickory, TN

  • Hearing Testimonial - Bellevue, TN

    Dr. McGlothlin has knowledge & experience in diagnoing and treating a variety of hearing disorders. She is reliable, possesses good judgment and is very capabe of assisting populations ranging from infants to adults.

    Kim Hollahan, Bellevue, TN