Signia Ace primax

Signia Ace primax - Mt. Juliet, TN

Superb hearing you dont‘t have to think about

The smallest of our behind-the-ear hearing aids, Ace™ is nearly invisible behind the ear for greater discretion. Its tiny form delivers incredible power for effortless hearing, and thanks to the touchControl™ App you can adjust it conveniently and discreetly.

General Features


Enjoy life’s true sound

A noisy bar, railway station, or street café — anywhere there’s a high level of ambient noise, communicating with people calls for concentration and effort. By the end of a long day, straining to hear voices in difficult situations can be exhausting. It’s a situation with which even people with normal hearing are all-too familiar.

The new Ace helps overcome the noise. Its advanced SpeechMaster function singles out the dominant speaker, reducing extraneous voices and sounds. You hear what you want, but not the rest. As a result, hearing becomes effortless and less tiring, all day long.

Made for music lovers

Ace delivers outstanding quality in every situation, even when you’re enjoying music. Whether you’re listening to your favorite music at a concert or at home on your HiFi system — or even if you’re the one on stage performing — Ace’s HD Music program gives you fantastic sound quality and a superb music experience. Simply and conveniently activated via push button or touchControl App, HD Music ensures you enjoy every note.

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